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Free Vintage Moon Graphics Victorian Images

This stunning bookplate is in German -- which I do not read -- but I can still appreciate the lovely image. The book is from 1898 and the image is in the public domain. I did have to do some cleanup, the book is damaged and the pages are brittle, but the result was worth the time.

The original free vintage moon image is just under 8x11", but it looks better smaller. I started at 4x6' for this one and I made some smaller versions in case you needed them for a project.

This piece is part of my vintage collection, and goes really nicely with some of the Delightfully Spooky kits in the shop (one shown below)

Here is a PDF version of the vintage moon graphic shown -- it has a high resolution image in each of the sizes shown. Just click to download.

Download PDF • 4.12MB

You can find other free vintage moon images here:

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