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Free Vintage Owl Graphics

Owls -- they make such an amazing addition to any junk journal page, whether you're doing a nature themed piece or a Halloween one. I have a pretty decent collection of sharable, copyright free images of owls to share, and this lovely vintage owl graphic is the first;

This is an engraving illustration of a screech owl from an old nature guide.

The original piece of vintage owl ephemera is about 11 x 14, I've sized it down a bit to fit a single page printout.

This vintage owl graphic is from a book published in 1897, Birdcraft by Mabel Osgood Wright:

Here is a PDF version of the vintage owl graphic, so you can download and use it as you'd like. If you need a smaller version just adjust the printout scale (this one looks good as low as 25% of the original size.) screech owl graphic
Download PDF • 1.26MB

If you like owls, don't miss this cute owl box freebie -- it is a mini matchbox filled with tiny owl illustrations:

I cut into the bird book without researching it first -- big mistake! The only other one I found sold for over $200 on eBay...oops. So chcck the value of books BEFORE cutting :) Although I got mine for about .50 at a library sale, so they didn't know either!!

Here is a more affordable alternative, and a set of vintage bird postcards I just ordered for a upcoming project. I'll let you know how they were.

UPDATE: the cards are really nice. They have a shiny finish which I did not care for, so I brushed it with a little watered down PVC glue, which made them more matte.

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