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Free Vintage Sheet Music Covers/ Ephemera; 1890-1924

I don’t recognize many of these tunes, but the front covers of these old sheet music books are lovely! There’s a pack of 8 in all, waiting for you later in this post, as a free download. Here’s a closer look at my favorites:

I have about 400 of these cool old books of sheet music, and this cool frog is one of my favorite covers. I have yet to find a way to use him, but maybe you will!

New Today

a set of Jane Austen library cards joins the lineup of books and authors kits:

I really liked the people in this one, and they’d be easy to isolate to use as a graphic, too:

Don’t right click to save, instead, download the entire set of 8 covers below. Here’s a closer look at another cover:

Here’s the free sheet music file, just click for an instant download.

sheet music set 1
Download ZIP • 15.26MB

Looking for more ephemera for junk journals?

Here are a few places on this site to download freebies!

Find more pieces of free vintage ephemera here:

Visit the shop to download this sweet fox set

Browse the blog, and find entire collections of freebies, like these vintage Alice in Wonderland graphics:

Or get anything you fancy from the shop, free! The Gold subscription plan provides instant access and unlimited downloads. Learn more by clicking the free shop below.

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