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Free Vintage Victorian Kids Ephemera 1899 calendar

This striking calendar features images of a preschooler and baby in Victorian dress over the course of a year. The art is by MargeHumphrey and the copyright date is 1899. I scanned, cleaned and optimized them for your home printer, so if you need images of Victorian babies and kids, you’ll have a full year to work with.

Don’t right click the images, they are not high resolution, instead grab a file containing them all at the end of the post.

There are two sizes of Victorian kid ephemera included, half sheets like these, and quarter sheets. I could not decide which would be most useful, so you can download one or both sizes of the free Victorian kids ephemera below.

Here are the free Victorian children images in order by month, for the full year of 1899. These are the vintage kids from January and February, February is one of my favorites from this set.

Reminder, you may use these images in and printed item you have for sale, you just can’t share or sell the images.Here are March and April:

Here are the May and June pieces of Victorian kid ephemera,

And the vintage Victorian kids ephemera for July and August…

September and October, including a baby first birthday Victorian image,

And lastly, November and December, complete with a vintage Christmas tree with kit candles.


If you love junk journals and graphics, you'll love our subscription plan! New kits and images are added daily, but the last count was over 3000 in 160+ packages or kits. The newest kits are included:

Ive also included the Victorian kid ephemera in quarter sheets, just in case the smaller size suits you better:

Grab the half sheets here, just click to download.

1899 calendar half
Download PDF • 42.26MB

Here are the smaller quarter sized sheets of the same Victorian kids ephemera images:

1899 calendar quarter
Download PDF • 17.95MB

I hope you find these Victorian kids ephemera images useful! I’d love to see what you make with them! I’ve linked a few other posts you might like below.

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Samantha McNesby
Samantha McNesby

You’re welcome! I’m so glad they’re useful!



These are wonderful! Thanks so much!


Awww,,,these are sooo sweet! Thank you so much for sharing. 😊

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