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Free Women's History Coloring Pages

Add some amazing and noteworthy women from history and today to your journal, planner or wall. Each of the following free womens history coloring pages features a different amazing woman and is ready to print as of March 2021.

Free Women's History Month Printables

Whether you're a homeschooler or simply want a new way to celebrate Women's History Month, these free coloring pages are sure to please. You'll find female leaders, scientists, artists, moms and other role models here to celebrate this month.

There are so many amazing women both today and through history that it is impossible to choose! We picked the pages that best met the following criteria; they needed to be free printables, showcase an incredible woman and her accomplishments and be a realistic rendering, not a cartoon. From the brave abolitionist and rescuer to the women who broke barriers for others, here are just a select few of the amazing ladies of Women's History Month.

Each coloring page is free-- just click on the link or the image and you'll go to the download.

Rosie the Riveter Women's History Coloring Page

She represents a generation of women who put down their aprons and took up a toolbelt, all for their country and family. Women who served in World War II, at home and abroad are embodied by Rosie. Find the coloring page below here, via Dover Publications.

Sheer courage and determination personified, Harriet Tubman used cleverness and bravery to escape a life of slavery in the American South -- then returned again and again to escort others to freedom.

Nobel prize winner and chemist Marie Curie not only entered a male - dominated field -- she led it, discovering new elements and making connections that would advance science for years to come.

Female Supreme Court Justices Women's History Month Coloring Pages

Sandra Day O'Connor, Sonia Sotomayor, and the legendary RGB, how could you choose? Links to each included -- just click the image you want!'

She created a monster, and helped define a genre this still lives today. Mary Shelley was just 19 when she penned the classic Frankenstein -- and it is still used in Writing and English classes today, and remains an enduring favorite read, too.

Perfect for kids who only know her through the eyes of Disney, this version of Pocahontas is a paper doll, too. Both forms of dress speak to her travels and life story -- and best of all, this is part of This is a free sample image from Dover, from their book of historic women coloring pages.

One of our most influential and enduring first ladies, Eleanor Roosevelt was an inspiration for a generation and her words still endure today.

As we urge girls to go into STEM careers, there are no better role models than our female astronauts, scientists and mathematicians. Ellen Ochoa was the first Latina woman to travel in space -- and is currently the director of the nation's largest space center.

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