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Halloween junk journal kit printable stuffed folio

This cute Halloween junk journal kit makes a folio with lots of flaps and parts. It even has a mini journal inside! I’ve used some original ephemera from my own collection along with original art and vintage images. There’s a video flip through below, and I’m sharing Some of the ways I used the kit below. I hope you like it!

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Vintage Halloween Junk Journal Folio

I have no Halloween paper, but wanted to do a halloween Junk Journal, so I made my own!

Here is a quick flip through from YouTube of the finished vintage Halloween junk journal folio:

I really like pockets and flaps, so this piece has a lot! The directions below will take you through the badic folio, then you can use the embellishments to make this piece yours. The Halloween junk journal kit includes all items shown, except the ribbon, and is ready for your personal touch.

Make the Vintage Halloween Junk Journal Folio

Print all sheets on heavy 110 lb cardstock. This is my favorite one, and the one used for this project.

i printed the folio front and back as a double sided piece ( just run through once to print the back, then add that sheet back to the printer and print the front.)

Cut out the folio, and fold into shape. There are little dotted lines to help with this, you can ink over them later If you’d like.

Making the Halloween Junk Journal Inside

Add the pockets, I layered mine and stuck them to the left panel. You’ll need to cut away that little bit of exposed backing at the top of each pocket, it is just there because of the swoopy pocket shape.

next choose 5 of the waterfall flaps, and save one to use as a pocket. Fold under the top of each one on the dotted line. I added a strip of 1/4” double stick tape to make it easy to add these securely, this is tough stuff! find the tape here or use your favorite adhesive in just the folded portion of each flap.

Start with the flap you want to be on top, and stick into place about a half inch from the top of the center panel. I lined mine up with the skulls noses and it worked perfectly.

Add each flap directly below the first.

Add all flaps and decorate as you’d like.

I added another pocket below and tucked some tags inside


For the trifold color insert, cut out the large triple panel. Stamp or decorate as you’d like, this one has a harlequin pattern and is done with a distress ink in parchment.add the last flap as a pocket, then attach other pieces of ephemera from the printouts. Use a white pen on the black “chalkboard” if you’d like.

fold this piece up so the vintage game spinner is on top, and tuck into the inner pocket.

add pockets to the back of the folio, and the journal cards to the front. Embellishment as you wish, then fold and secure with a ribbon.


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I'll update this after our visit, so you can see how it turned out! Thanks for reading and enjoy the Van Gogh tag book!!!

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