How to make a Junk journal from Paper

Make a complete junk journal from just a few sheets of paper. This kit uses the Oddities Junk Journal Set found here, but any 8x8 sheets of paper will work as well.

I love the little pockets and embellishments included in this printable junk journal set. The top part of each sheet is a 8x8 inch square for folding the pages, at the bottom of each sheet, you’ll find extra vintage ephemera pieces for embellishment. This post features the Oddities junk journal kit, found here, but the technique can be used with any paper. If you prefer video, you can see a complete walkthrough of the process here as well.

If you’re using the kit, print out 6 backing pages onto plain cardstock. Feed these back into the printer and print one of each decorative page (there are 6). This ensures all your elements have an interesting matching backing instead of plain white paper.

Cut Out the Junk Journal Pages

Each 8x8 inch piece makes one folded section, cut from 4-6 squares for this project. Use more pieces to add variety and for a thick book, use fewer if you plan on adding a lot of dimensional objects.

Each 8" square makes a set of pages with pockets. Fold in half diagonally in each direction to find the center of the paper. Open up the folds, then fold each point into the middle. You'll end up with a smaller square.

Fold this piece in half to make one set of pages. Note the large triangular flaps fold open, and the small ones turn into pockets when the piece is folded.