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How to Make Paper Bows with Free Printables

A simple paper bow can add dimension and charm to any project, and they are super easy to make! This is one of those projects that is super easy but yields impressive results, a great combination. Follow the directions below to make a paper bow set, using the attached free printable. The sample set is part of the Halloween Paper Bows set, the full set with different colors and sizes is in the shop and free for monthly subscribers.

These paper bows are just 3 simple pieces and a fast, taped assembly. Here’s how to make these pretty vintage bows for your junk journal. Don’t miss the free download at the end!

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How to Make Vintage Style Paper Bows

You’ll need:



grunge stamp pad

sponge or applicator for ink

How to Make Paper Bows

Print the pages onto heqvy cardstock. the one I use is shown below. It is 110 lb and prints beautifully. Keep an eye on the price, I only buy when it is around $10, it seems to fluctuate quite a bit.

Print the bow pattern pages out.

Cut out the Pieces

Cut the pieces out around the edges. Each bow is made from just 3 pieces.

Grunge the bow pieces it’s ink if you’d like…do this while the pieces are flat to make a fast and easy aged finish.

Curve the largest piece into a circle and tape the ends. Overlap by about a half inch.

Fold the piece down so the skinny, tapered portions are together. Do not crease the bow edges. Tape this down, then tape this piece onto the shorter, base piece.

Wrap the small rectangle around the center and tape to secure. This center shown in white so you can see where it fits.

Notes for Making Paper Bows

  • The file has a white background so it will work with a cricut or other cutter.

  • Use double stick tape to add these to any surface

  • use cardstock as indicated. Regular copy paper is too thin and will tear too easily.

Get the Free Paper Bows Printable Files

Download the feathers and backing paper below, and you’ll be on your way to making a stunning but easy embellishment for any junk journal page.

Paper bows sampler
Download PDF • 7.80MB

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