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How to Make the Sea Witch Envelopes

I’m adding a new set of envelopes and cards for you witchy and mystical folks, and created an offset folded design that is more elegant than the usual flaps -and doesn’t obscure any of the design on the envelope, here’s a look at the finished piece.

Here is a quick look at how this unique piece is folded, I think I will use this for other projects, I like the way it opens up :)

Print the Envelope

Print the backing paper on a piece of presentation paper or card stock. Turn the paper over and place it in the printer tray again, then print the envelope on it. This gives you a 2 sided page, and a fully lined envelope.

Cut around the edges of the envelope:

Fold the Envelope

Place the paper with the envelope side facing down.

Fold the sides in, there is a solid black line to follow:

Fold the bottom up:

Then fold the top down:

Crease the folds really well and no tape or glue is needed. You can cut a small slit to insert the tab or seal with a wax seal if you’d like.

This same technique is used for the matching moon set:


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