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HUGE List of Free Alice In Wonderland Junk Journal Printables

Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole -- or through the looking glass? I've assembled a huge list of free Alice in Wonderland images, projects and more for your junk journal (or any project really. You'll find public domain images you can use commercially, complete projects, and unique Alice art.

Need Alice in Wonderland graphics or photos for your junk journal, but don't want to pay for stock photos? You're in luck! I have a huge list and collection of free vintage Wonderland graphics and am sharing the list here -- all you have to do is choose the ones you want and download or save them. In most cases I've either uploaded a high resolution file for you or I have linked you to the source, where you can get the item. A few are from other designers and may require a code to get them for free (the code will be in the post ;)

Each of these images is public domain or original art -- or a combination of the two. You may use them for items for sale. Any items restored or created by me in the list below can also be used in your projects for sale -- just don't sell the files themselves.

Use these free vintage Alice in Wonderland images in your junk journal, on pages, and as embellishments. A few of the ones I made are already turned into pockets and tags, making them super easy to add to your journal. Many of these fun vintage images are from my own collection of vintage ephemera -- most date from before 1920, all are copyright free or public domain (or created by me ;)

25 Free Vintage Alice in Wonderland Images for your Junk Journal

Note Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

Costume Design Images for Alice in Wonderland

These images are public domain, and shared by the Smithsonian. They are paintings made in 1915 by William Penhallow Henderson. THey are part of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, but are not currently on public display. You can, however, download high resolution individual images for your personal or commercial use via the Creative Commons License. I'll add these individually so you can pick u just the ones you want -- the files are huge! Just click the mad hatter to be taken directly to his download page at the Smithsonian.

Free Red Mushroom Photograph

Mushrooms of this shape and color always remind me of Alice in Wonderland -- and this is a photo you can use for any purpose, via Unsplash. Click the image to go directly to the high resolution download of this lovely picture, Photo by Marcus Ganahl on Unsplash

Find out more about using Wikimedia Commons to find images to use in your own commercial junk journal printables and kits.

Free Alice In Wonderland Printable Project

This is one of my most popular designs, both online and at home -- I've made a bunch of them because every time I show one off, I end up giving it away. The little pieces are just too fun to resist. Find it free in the shop here. Easy assembly directions can be found here on the blog.

Alice in Wonderland with Original Art

I've created a junk journal kit featuring the Queen of Hearts and bold shades of red, black and white. Like all junk journal printables in the shop, this one is included free with the premium subscription:

Vintage Playing Card Illustration

This is another interesting design from the Smithsonian -- while this was made in 1915, I can absolutely see how Disney used these as inspiration for the film.

Cheshire Cat Sketch Free Download

The iconic Cheshire Cat from Disney is instantly recognizable -- he's also off limits for commercial use! I saved this cat from a previous post (25 free cat images, find here if you also like cat freebies). He has a very cheshire cat look to me and I will likely use him in an upcoming project in some way:

1865 Alice in Wonderland Book Cover

This is a public domain image I had not seen until Pegasus Paper Company shared it -- it is the cover of a hardback book, and features Alice holding the baby pig! Click on through to grab this freebie -- and take a look at the stunning kits and printables the site has to offer, Sarah is a truly gifted designer!

Alice in Wonderland Happy Planner Spread Free Tutorial

You'll want to head on over to Youtube for this one! Jamie of Journaling With Jamie combined our Queen of Hearts kit with public domain images and other components to create a lovely week long planner spread -- it is truly stunning and she shows how she makes it, step by step. If you're wondering what to do with all these free Alice in Wonderland images, this is a good start!

This video inspired me to buy a Happy Planner to play with, even though I already use a bullet journal :) .

Unusual Alice

I adore the original, best known John Tenniel images of Alice, the White Rabbit and friends, but they get used an awful lot! I collected these images for you to try -- they are all free for commercial use and are a little less commonly used. If you're looking for something different, you may find exactly what you're looking for in here. Note that I have altered some images, but shared the originals as well. Find the whole collection in a single download here.

Public Domain Image of Lewis Carol

While I love the story of Alice and the pieces it has inspired, I'm not a fan of the author himself -- there's a reason why you'll see thousands of depictions of Alice and friends, but only the occasional story or glimpse of the author. Questions began to arise in the 1930s about Carroll's photography habits and his obsession with photographing children. Because of this, you'll rarely see images of Carroll used in artwork or in published pieces. Here's a rare image of the author himself, and here's a bit more about the controversy -- and what the Smithsonian has to say on Carroll.

Printing Tip for Vintage Alice in Wonderland Images

I love the charming vintage look of these, but hate having a plain white page back. Printing on parchment or colorful paper doesn't help, because then you lose the whites and light colors. I ordered the paper below and put it through the machine so that the image you want prints on the back. This gives you a two sided piece with a distressed back and the chosen image on the front.

Amazon paper -- 6 vintage shades to use as backing for 2 sided vintage images:

Vintage Flamingo Illustration

Another vintage image, this one is from Raw Pixel and would make a nice addition to any Alice in Wonderland Junk Journal :

Free Tea Party Photos for Alice in Wonderland Junk Journals

This photo from unsplash looks like the Mad Hatter just stepped away for a moment -- I love the mismatched tea set and dishes and will use it in a journal eventually. Find it here: Photo by Tea Creative │ Soo Chung on Unsplash

Free Alice in Wonderland Illustrations

Each of these illustrations is from Flickr Commons and is free to use -- they are from a 1921, just out of copyright book. click each photo to go to the full resolution image.

I like this rumpled, confused looking white rabbit!

I actually like the frame of this one better than the image!

Free Public Domain Alice in Wonderland Images

If you're looking for the popular Tenniel illustrations, you can find them on Pixabay -- here's a link to the tea party, but most are there in high resolution formats and all allow commercial use.

Down the Rabbit Hole sign

Another free to use without attribution image from Unsplash, I thought this might be an interesting addition to a wonderland piece: Photo by Haley Lawrence on Unsplash

Free Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards

I needed some playing cards for a project, so I made these. Print on heavy cardstock, then glue the backs to the fronts to use, this makes a thicker card :) Find them in the Free Subscriber Library -- if you're not signed up yet, you can sign up for freebies and get access to dozens of free projects here.

Free White Rabbit Standup Card

This White Rabbit image was in very poor shape -- I digitized him and cleaned him up -- Find him in the Free Subscriber Library -- if you're not signed up yet, you can sign up for freebies and get access to dozens of free projects here.

Alice in Wonderland Printable Monogram

Head on over to the Cottage Market to make your own monogram with Alice in Wonderland watercolors (its easy to do). Then print and frame to use as room decor or for a party.

White Rabbit Silhouette

If you have a cricut or other cutter, you'll love this one, just upload into designspace and go. It is also ideal for making stickers or for use as a background. Find it here.

GET Free Graphics Every Day!

More cats are coming, but did you know you can have immediate access to every junk journal kit and file in the store - -including thousands of pieces of new, vintage and original art, like the latest releases, shown below. It's all covered for one low monthly fee! Learn more here and get your printer ready, most folks download over 100 pages the first day they sign up!

Junk Journal Alice in Wonderland Background

I found this on Pixabay and thought it would make a nice signature cover:

Arthur Rackham Illustrations of Alice

Also in the public domain, the charming and artistic illustrations of Alice in Wonderland characters by Arthur Rackham can be found in a complete set on Medium:

Creepy Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee Photo

If you prefer your wonderland characters a little on the creepy side, you'll love this photo from 1920, freshly into the public domain:

Cheshire Cat Graphic

The original John Tenniel cat is still my favorite and it is in the public domain -- find it here on Wikimedia Commons, or right click the image below:

Alice's Adventures Under Ground

The original manuscript of Alice in Wonderland, with illustrations and text -- this is a public domain image of the original from Wikimedia Commons.

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