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June Creative Market Weekly Freebies Review

Some of my favorite graphics and assets come from CreativeMarket - -this site allows independent artists to sell their items directly to businesses like mine. CreativeMarket is a huge site and sells everything from fonts to web templates -- what I use most tends to be Procreate assets like brushes (there is a nice set available today) and graphics.

If you want to get an idea of how Creative Market works without investing any money, their weekly free goods allow you to sample the quality of the items and discover the types of assets they offer. Take a look at what you can score free this week at CreativeMarket:

This page contains affiliate links which means I will receive a commission for purchases made through these links. I only recommend services I use and love in my own business or for personal projects.

A few things I'm excited about this week -- and honestly, for a brand that literally sells graphics, they've made a terribly lackluster showcase page this week! Anyway I like the look of those fruit all over prints, they'd be awfully cute as a printable fabric for a journal or as the background of a planner. I like the cool colors for spring and summer, and the patterns are all of similar brightness and saturation, so they work well together. There are 8 patterns in this set and you can download it free here.

Here's a closer look at the patterns offered; the little oranges are my favorite!

The one I like best is the set of Procreate Shadow Brushes! I've just downloaded them and they are very subtle and seem to work with just about everything. This useful procreate brushset is available now and you can download it free here. Procreate brushes can be downloaded from CreativeMarket then uploaded right into the app on your iPad -- just go to Choose Brush> IMport> then choose the brush set.

This set does not look all that impressive in the picture -- particularly when that bright and cheerful fruit is drawing the eye away. I do urge you to download the pastel gradients -- they don't look like much in the picture, at least on my screen, but once I tried them I really liked the finished results. I used them as a background for a little paper theater I'm making for a swap, I'll add a photo when done. In the meantime, grab your gradients for Procreate before they disappear! Here's the gradient pastel file.

Just click the image above for your free files...but do it before the set disappears, usually by the end of the week! Click here for all free goods this week from CreativeMarket.

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