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Mini Fairytale Books

I'm having so much fun working on these wee journals. They may not be terribly practical, but they are fun and addictive to make.

I'll have a full tutorial up soon, but these work up in about an hour -- so you can go from plain paper to completed, ready to decorate or share book in no time at all.

The covers are from century old books, I collect old kids books and covet the illustrations for crafting -- but they are too rare to actually cut into. Scanning and modifying them for printing preserves the image and allows me to make something from it without ruining the original; the cover above is a mashup of a 100 year old book and some newer graphics.

I've added this project to Creative Fabrica -- if you are a subscriber, you can grab it there free as part of your monthly subscripion. (I am a CF affiliate and use the site pretty much daily).

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