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More Free Vintage Owl Graphics

This vintage owl illustration is a bookplate from a vintage book titled "Holiday Fun". It covers mostly the winter holidays and Easter, and the owl represents autumn. I thought it was an interesting image and saved it here. This is a PDF but you can also right click to save if you prefer.

I will likely revisit this one and remove the "holiday fun" portion -- while it is a pretty graphic as is I think that space for text makes it more versatile if it is blank -- it would make a lovely book plate or fall invitation once the text is removed.

The PDF is below -- and I've also linked a few other owl freebies I thought you might like, apparently I like owls. as I have multiple posts and projects with them! You can also tap the "owls" tag in the cloud below to go to all posts tagged with this label.

Holiday Fun Owl
Download PDF • 2.16MB

More Free Vintage Owl Images

Here is another lovely owl image, this one is also in the public domain and from an 1800s book. Just click the image to go to the post -- or click here to head over and download it.


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