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New! Tutorial for the Simple Vintage Christmas Mini

The latest Christmas junk journal printable project is ready -- and if you're already an experienced crafter, you can jump right in here. I made this one to be simple and fun for beginners as well -- you can create an amazing page layout with pockets and flip spots without having any experience or fancy tools. Just follow the step by step instructions below.

Here is a look at the kit.

Find it here in the shop -- and if you're a premium member, this is waiting for you in your area :)

Here's a look at it once assembled:

It has pockets, tags, tuckspots and journaling cards -- and lots of fun little vintage Christmas pieces to tuck inside.

How to Make a Christmas Junk Journal Page with this Kit

Download and print all pages onto heavy cardstock.

Cut out each piece:

Make the Pockets

Start by making the flap with pockets. You'll need the pocket background and up to 6 of the pockets shown below.

Fold place the pockets onto the page, you can put them side by side or stagger them -- just make sure they fall between the vertical fold lines, since this piece is folded in half when assembled:

Fold this completed piece in half, and fold and crease the flap. You can add any embellishments to the pockets and fill them with the small pieces.

Glue this piece to the green damask paper as shown, the flap goes behind the paper, and the pocket piece should be able to flip open and closed.

I added the red piece to the front of this -- mine is slightly off center because I think it looks interesting, but you can center yours!

I added the circle with the bird and only glued down one side and the bottom so it can be used as a pocket, and added the Merry Christmas tag. I also filled the pocket with some small cutouts:

Put this piece aside and make the tags. Add a grommet to the top of these (and layer them as you'd like. I use the Crop-o-dile for this as I destroy them if I try to do it by hand!

I made 3 tags but there are plenty of little pieces in there to make more!

Next, make a few layered pages, Here's how I combined them (just move them around until you are happy with them, then glue in place:

Here I added a journal sheet to the green stripe paper:

Then topped it with a pocket. I added one of the tags I made earlier to the pocket for a finished component:

I folded the tag in half and added the file tabs to the top. I also added a pocket (I love pockets!)

This piece is two sided, I left the other side blank for journaling.

Once these components are done, you can assemble and arrange them as you'd like -- then add the whole thing to a junk journal page for a completed spread:

And open and close the flap to see the pockets:

You can arrange these any way you'd like and incorporate your own materials as well!

Find the Crop - o - dile here:

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