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Old English Garden Graphics and Book Pages (1899)

One of the older books in my collection, this one is from 1899, and is public domain, so I'm sharing some unaltered pages for you to play with! This is illustrated by Walter Crane, who has a distinctive style -- you may recognize it from other books and illustrations from the time. Take a look at these lovely pages and then download the full set of 8 illustrations at the end, no need to save each individually. Enjoy "A Floral Fantasy in an Old English Garden" and keep an eye out for this one at book sales and online (there are reproduction copies -- the "good" one is from 1899).

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I thought this one was lovely, it is one of the more colorful pages and features a large fairy that would make a gorgeous junk journal cover or signature:

Next, the personifications of the four seasons dance around a dial:

Next, a writer in the garden, with some jonquils:

"Ragged Robin" is up to no good, as Honesty attempts to shield some victims from his wicked ways:

Larkspur and Speedwell, with a fairy on horseback:

Deadly nightshade is a queen with regal bearing and subjects, this one could use some brightening up, I suspect her robes were once more royal purple. If I go use this one I'll add an edited copy here as well.

A friar and a bishop, with what look like weeds, and perhaps some social commentary>

Get the full Set below:

If you already have access to my big library of freebies, a high resolution file with these up images is waiting for you.

if not, you can sign up for a free membership here and get immediate access to this and dozens of other free files.

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