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Owls Printable Matchbox Subscriber Freebie

I'm working on a larger project with owls -- but I had collected all of these lovely public domain images and had to find other uses for them! This little matchbox is the size of the slider cardboard ones you can buy anywhere - but you won't need the box for this.

Not everyone has a matchbox on hand and even if you have one or more at home, they may not be the right size, so I went ahead and included the box and the cover for this one. The entire project prints on 2 pieces of paper -- one page for the box and cover and the other for the little owls that go inside.

Start by printing both pages on heavy cardstock - I like the 110lb stuff for projects like this one because it provides some extra structure. This free owls printable is designed to perfectly fit on 8.5 x 11" paper.

Where to Find the Free Owl Box Printable

If you're on my newsletter list, you already have access to the free subscriber library; the owls are waiting for you right here. The library is packed with free junk journal projects and free ephemera.

If you're not yet a member, then you can sign up for access to the free library and newsletter here. The newsletter goes out about twice a week and has free projects, highlights and more.

Make the Vintage Owls Box and Cards

Cut out the owl cards, they vary in size to keep things interesting, but all will fit into the box. I used distress ink in Walnut around the edges -- you can if you want to but don't have to, they'll still look good! Set these aside and then follow the steps below to make the box (these are also included in the file download, so you can print them or follow along here.

These directions feature the unicorn box, but they assemble the same way:

If you enjoy this project, you can find other free matchbooks to make, including one with a unicorn and one with pinup girl cards, shown below. Both of these projects are also in the free subscriber library.

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