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Premium Members: Thanksgiving Dinner Party Printables

I’m trying to make pretty things for Thanksgiving, without having a last minute crammed in crafting session…the night before. Is Thanksgiving Eve a thing? If it is, I’ve spent quite a few of them baking, decorating and crafting! From water bottle wraps to place cards and tags for leftovers, there’s a complete set of do ahead Thanksgiving printables waiting for you below.

This year, I’m starting early, and sharing the components with you as well. Just print, trim and go, no fancy cutting required. The results are lovely, a cohesive, pulled together party look without much trouble at all.

Thanksgiving Water Bottle Wraps

The water bottle wraps fit most bottles and juice boxes. They are a little oversized, to fit a wide range of brands. There are all over fall floral bands and bands with a spot to write on included, here’s a closer look:

Thanksgiving Leftover Tags

There are also tags for wrapping gifts and leftovers:

You’ll find both light and dark versions in 3 sizes in the attached file.

Printable Thanksgiving Leftover Stickers

Print these on card stock to use as tags, or on sticker paper to stick directly to storage containers, aluminum foil and other leftover storage items.

Printable Thanksgiving Placecards

these are so fast and set, but make a big impact on the table, particularly if you have a crowd. Just print, cut and fold. When you’re ready, just add names.

Printable Thanksgiving Food Labels

The turkey is easy, but is that a pumpkin pie or a sweet potato one? You won’t have to guess when you use these food labels, just print and fold and they’ll stand up on their own.

printable Food flags

These also work well with sticker paper. Just print, cut out and wrap around a toothpick or straw. Poke into cupcakes, cheese cubes and more for a festive look.

Get the Matching Thanksgiving BUNTING

Did you see the matching bunting? It’s waiting for you in the members area and perfectly matches these pieces.

Get your files:

Here’s the full set to print and use as you like. It is exclusive to premium members, so can’t be found in the regular site, though I may add it later ;)

Thx set
Download PDF • 40.00MB


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