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Printable Halloween Freebie: Rare Vintage Halloween Cats Postcards

Target had Halloween everywhere today, so I feel justified sharing these Vintage Halloween postcards a little early! They are from my own collection and I’ve never seen them elsewhere online, so they’ll make a unique and free addition to your Halloween junk journal or card making crafts!

Note: we are Amazon affiliates, and if you make a purchase after clicking a link, may receive a small commission.

Rare Halloween Postcards

These postcards are unusual and old! I ended up really boosting the color on these, the pumpkin one particularly had faded so much it was tough to see the design. The kitties are postmarked 1906 and the pumpkin is from 1909.

Using the Free Vintage Halloween Images

You may print and use these in any item for sale or personal use, just don’t sell or share the digital file.

Heres a closer look at one of these vintage Halloween postcards:

How to use these Free Vintage Halloween Postcards

Print the postcards onto heavy card stock, the one I use is shown below. It is 110 lb and prints beautifully. Keep an eye on the price, I only buy when it is around $10, it seems to fluctuate quite a bit.

Print on one side only, using your printer’s “best” settings.

How to use Vintage Halloween Postcards

Here’s a quick video of some images from vintage Halloween postcards in a project :

Age the Vintage Halloween Postcards

Add some extra vintage grunge and charm by aging the printouts. This post on making new printable s look old will help:

Notes for Free Vintage Halloween Post cards

  • To get a more authentic feel, use a double layer of 110 card stock.

  • shiny or glossy paper will not work well for these, they look best printed on matte paper

  • I’m sharing more vintage Halloween ephemera, the tags below will help you find it! Get the Free Files

Get the Free Halloween Postcard Files

Don’t try to save or print the images above, instead download the high resolution pdf below.

Download PDF • 6.17MB

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