Printing Printables: PDF vs. PNG vs. JPG Which is Best?

Whether you want to design your own junk journal pages or projects or simply want to ensure that the printables you buy print out as they should, you need to know a little about working with graphics. What are the different graphics file types, and does it matter (hint: it does!). Which type prints out best, and which is the easiest to modify?

You can buy kits and premade pages, but using individual graphics makes it easy to personalize your pages and get the exact results you want. It is also important to know what the different types of graphics files are best suited for.

I'm beginning to upload some individual graphics into the shop (expect some awesome freebies as well) and wanted to make sure you knew how to make the most of them for your projects.

These butterfly fairies are brand new -- and I'll walk you through choosing and using a graphics file like these in your work:

While I'm using my own graphics to illustrate this piece, these same filetypes are sold on Etsy, Creative Market, CreativeFabrica and more, so the info will help no matter where you get your graphics.

What Kind of Files are Used for Junk Journaling?

There are three main filetypes used in junk journaling kits and items. Not everyone uses all of them, or even uses them in the same way, but the details here will help you choose the right file for your purposes. The filetypes you'll encounter most often working with digital kits and graphics are PDF, PNG and JPEG (or JPG).

It can be tough to decide if you are not sure what the different graphics filetypes do best -- and most Etsy and other sites include graphics in one or more formats. Here's a bit about each type and the best way to use it.

PDFs for Junk Journaling

The most common and best file for printing is a PDF. If you buy printables, you'll instantly recognize this format. To open a PDF, you'll need the free Adobe Acrobat viewer (available in the iOS app store and Google Play). All of the kits in this shop are PDF, and a PDF is included with every graphics file as well. Here is screenshot of a typical PDF, I'll include a copy for you at the end that you can download: