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Stickii Monthly Sticker Subscription Box Review

I subscribe to a number of paper/planner/sticker boxes and have a big thing for stationery and pretty things for my desk. I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to collecting and love pretty little enhancements and special touches. The StickII box reviewed here contained a bunch of whimsy and fun and each month has a different theme — this one is space kitties!

Find Stickii via CrateJoy and visit the brand on Instagram here:

A note about reviews -- any item I review or share I have purchased on my own and do not sell or share affiliate links for. This is to ensure the review is unbiased and that I can really let you know if I felt I got enough value for the money spent.

What's inside the Stickii Club Subscription Box?

This is the June 2018 box, each included item is detailed below:

First, these super cute transparent stickers -- as promised, kitties in space! I love the colors and they look wonderful on planner pages and bullet journal spreads. These transparent stickers are lovely but do not show up well on dark colors, so use on light paper and journal pages. I was a little skeptical about the theme as I usually go for vintage, but these were cute and nicely designed. (Note that Stickii now has a vintage option, yay!)

Cat Stickers!

Lots of cute cats in this package -- I kept the black and white ones and passed the cute brights onto my kids (who inherited my paper loving ways). 4 different sheets of kitty stickers were happily received by my youngest kids -- and I've seen the black and white ones show up in their crafty stuff already.

Lots of fun sparkly pieces were included as well:

A sticker collection is not complete without some fun extras. Both space themed and kitty themed pieces were inside this kit.

That little cat clip is my favorite thing from this set, so cute!

Packaging and extras

Stickii Club Review

At just $10, this sticker club subscription is a fun addition to our lineup of monthly mail. I've actually switched to the vintage collection for next month and am excited to see what arrives (I'll share an update here.)

This was a good value for us, it was affordable and delivered a nice selection of themed items. Since I have several kids who journal and create art, it was easy to find a home for each item we received. If it was just me, this theme would not have been as much of a hit -- as with any subscription box, you risk not liking what you receive on any given month. The low cost makes this an ok risk for us.

Aside from the theme, all goods included were high quality. Kiss cut stickers (the ones on a sheet that you peel away) were well trimmed and lifted easily from the page. The kit was well organized and I liked the little extras. We've kept this one on our roster and encourage you to try it as well.

If you have multiple crafters at home, love trying new styles and want a steady stream of new stickers, Stickii is an ideal choice.

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