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Tester/Design Team Project, Aesop’s Folio

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Updated 8/9

thank you so much for the incredible response! I did find some wonderful testers at all levels, and can’t wait to share!

if we did not connect this time, I probably filled the slots before I reached you ;) please keep an eye out for Little Red and Sleepy Hollow, both will be available to new DT members soon.

Here is a rough test print and assembly of an upcoming kit, based on Aesop’s fables. This one has lots of interesting parts and pieces. It’s not a fancy flip through by any means, but should give you an idea of what’s coming ;)

Interested in creating something with this kit before it launches? I’m expanding our tester/design team, just shoot me a note if you are interested and have time. All skill levels welcome :)

here’s the rustic flip hrough of the base folio and about half of the components , the rest are under wraps until it launches (testers get the whole deal, obviously)

I hope you like it!

The first add-ons/supplemental pieces for this are already loaded in the shop, tags with the major characters/fables included in the journal kit:

Look for a fun freebie on launch day, too!

If Aesop isn't' your thing, I have a few other upcoming kits, including Pretty Pumpkins, Sleepy Hollow and the huge, huge JJ kit, Little Red. Drop me a note to get on the list for one of these (Pretty pumpkins is almost full).

Thanks for visiting, I appreciate it so much! Have a wonderful weekend!

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2 comentários

Jennifer Busselle-Dunn
Jennifer Busselle-Dunn
07 de ago. de 2021

Would love to test this kit! The images in the video are gorgeous! I will send you a message.


Very interesting pieces. I especially like the tags.

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