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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Kit is Live

Sleepy Hollow is live -- and it's a monster in more ways than one! At almost 200 mb this one is packed with artwork, ephemera, illustrations and more. Here's a quick sneak peek at what's inside this new spooky kit, just in time for Halloween.

Inside the Sleepy Hollow Junk Journal Kit

The new Sleepy Hollow Junk Journal kit has 10 layout pages -- perfect for folding in half and using as signatures or they can be mini journal covers on their own. Here are a few of them:

Old cemeteries, bridges, and the iconic horseman all pop up in these pages -- a few more of the set are shown below:

I like to leave some room for writing and embellishment -- and you'll find lots of journal cards and extras in the next part of the kit. There are 18 more pages of embellishments, and there were some interesting historic bits to choose from -- I've added them along with some I created.

The cemetery image is from an old stereoscope featuring the headstone of author Washington Irving -- and the bridge isn't "the" Sleepy Hollow bridge, but looked spooky enough to be!

I've included maps of the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, and of Tarrytown NY, which claims to be "the" Sleepy Hollow village, and you'll find some classic paintings as well:

Sleepy Hollow Embellishments

This kit just kept growing -- I love research and kept finding both interesting bits of ephemera and making new components! You can see a few below, more are in the kit:

If you're a premium member, both the full Sleepy Hollow Junk Journal kit and the matching paper set are in the premium section waiting for you!

I hope you like this preview -- I'm still working on my own journal and a few freebies and will share them here as I complete them!

I've linked a few freebies that go well with this kit below -- or that suit the spooky theme, I hope you like them!

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