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The Shining Travel Journal

I had so much fun making sets of hotel keys based on literary places, now it’s time to actually use them! This journal is inspired by Stephen King’s The Shining, and is decorated with elements that will be familiar to anyone who reads the book: note: We are Amazon Affiliates and may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you make a purchase. I only share items I own, like and use :)

Reader’s Junk Journal

Here’s a closer look at the components:

The keys are from the gothic and horror key fobs, found here. I printed them out and then laminated them for use in this project.

For the book, I tore up pieces of pastel paper I somehow acquired, then inked the edges. This is the one I used, but any textured paper will work. I needed wide paper, and this is 9x 12”.

I cut 10 sheets down to 6x12, a little smaller than the cover. i tore the edges of each to make a messy, uneven edge, then used a distressEd stamp pad in walnut to age the edges. I used the smaller leftover strips in the mini journal with the atlas cover, shown stacked on the main piece.

I made the faux polaroid and topiary film strip and laminated them:

The atlas Is actually a mini journal, made from a combination of old books and images. I used the leftover strips of pastel paper as pages.

The map is a mini version of a service station mat, scanned and shrunk to fit.

Here’s the whole thing:

I hope you like it, I had fun revisiting one of my favorite books! if theres any interest, I can share the other components I made, like the cover, photo strip and Polaroid, just drop a note if you’d like them ;) the keys are linked below.

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