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Tiny Fairytale Tags -- with a Cricut!

Updated: May 25, 2021

love the cricut for vinyl and stickers, but it comes in handy for cutting out junk journal items too. I tend to like tiny embellishments and they are just toooo small to cut by hand, at least not in a time efficient way. The smallest tags here are about the size of a quarter, and to cut all of them would easily take an hour. Time on the Cricut? 3 minutes!!

I have the Cricut Maker and use it regularly, it saves so much time!

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Cutting Mini Tags on the Cricut

If you already have a Cricut you already know about the print to cut feature. If you're not using it for junk journaling and crafting, you're missing out, particularly if you buy a lot of digital files. Here is the Cricut in action -- I had time to grab a coffee while this finished up, and then just peeled off the tags one by one, even the little holes are perfect!

Get the FairyTale Tag Set

You can use the Print to Cut feature on any fussy cut items, just load the Jpg orPNG into Design Space and use the Print to Cut Feature. These tags are part of my Fairytale tag set, found here; this set includes a pre-sized cricut file, so all you have to do is upload it into Design Space and push the button. You can of course cut these by hand as well - -the big ones are 3 inches tall and cut very easily with regular scissors.

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