Unusual Alice -- Free Printables! Some Less Common Alice in Wonderland Images Just for You

I'm working on an Alice in Wonderland themed junk journal but wanted to go beyond the usual 50 or so images that seem to be in constant use. They are truly lovely illustrations -- more on those and artist Sir John Tinniel below -- but they do get a lot of use. So I went looking for some less usual images to use and share.

The right images have to have some things in common:

  • They have to be appealing or interesting

  • They have to be obviously related to Alice in Wonderland

  • They have to be legal to use

One of the less commonly used Alice in Wonderland public domain images.

Meet Sir John Tenniel, Alice in Wonderland Illustrator

You may not know his name, but you recognize his work! Just about every Alice in Wonderland junk journal printable uses it. So do planner printables, wonderland art pieces and more. A peek at the search results on the first page of Etsy shows just how popular this illustrator's work is when it comes to designing with public domain images: