UPDATED with new images! Vintage Halloween Postcards Images for Projects and Sharing

I adore vintage Halloween postcards -- and vintage Halloween images of any type. I have been collecting these items for over 2 decades -- hauling them from studio to studio every time we move or I outgrow my space.

Each is free vintage Halloween postcard is out of copyright -- over 100 years of age -- and I have scanned them and cleaned them up so they print nicely. Each of these free vintage Halloween postcards is 300 dpi, so high resolution enough to use for any printed project.

Please feel free to right click and download whichever you'd like to add to your collection -- or just grab the full set in a download at the end of the page.

I've used these to make fun tickets -- each has a little part of a vintage card, making it easy to add a bit of vintage Halloween charm to any project.