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Vintage Beauty Ephemera -- Blue Perfume Tins 1902

I’m working my way through a stack of unusual vintage ephemera pieces from the soap and perfume industry. It’s fascinating…apparently 100 years ago, soap was a major export (as in hundred of thousands of pounds annually to Cuba, Mexico and more).

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I’d love to get my hands on the real versions of these lovely tins!

Vintage Beauty Ephemera

I’m really enjoying these vintage illustrations and books and am slowly digitizing them. I’m also scanning a few trade magazine pages…the ingredients are a bit of a shock, and so is the amount sent to nations we don’t even export to any longer!

Blue Powder Tins from 1902

I scanned these in and modified them to be better suited for a home printer. I also altered the color. I’m sharing them below, just click to download.

Want to Learn How to Make Stickers?

You can learn more about making stickers and fussy cuts from vintage ephemera here, or click the image below for a beginner friendly tutorial.

How to make stickers from vintage ephemera

Vintage Beauty Graphics for Commercial Use

Here is a closer at these vintage beauty graphics:

Using the Vintage Graphics

You‘re welcome to use the printed graphics in any journal you want to sell. You can also use these images commercially, as long as they are incorporated into another design. There is a png file included for this purpose.

I included a pdf for printing, with several sizes of each tin:

You can download the full file here:

Download PDF • 6.35MB

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