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Vintage Dog Tags Free Christmas Craft Printable Project: Week 11

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

I've been hanging on to this sweet vintage dog postcard forever, and finally decided he needed to be a Christmas label. You‘ll find both a ready to print pdf and a larger jpg vintage dog Christmas tag set so you can make these as you’d like. Print them on sticker paper, cut them out and just stick into place, or print on cardstock and add a hole and twine. Here's a look at the free dog Christmas labels set:

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This set started as a postcard I’ve been saving, the original is dated 1903, and has a generic Christmas greeting. Here’s a look at the original Christmas dog ephemera. I’m not sure what breed the pup is? Beagle, maybe?

Don't miss the matching cat labels:

Free Printable Dog Christmas Label Details

This is cute as is, but kind of grainy. I wanted to isolate the dog image, but didn’t want to make you cut around complicated edges, so I changed out the background and added a frame. Here’s a closer look at the revised printable Christmas dog before I turned him into labels:

I’ve smoothed the image a bit and tidied him up. You’ll find a bigger version of this in the full free printable file, just in case you want to include it into a journal or other larger piece.

Here is a look at the label sheet -- I printed them on cardstock and added a grommet at the top, but you could also use sticker paper -- here's how I use it to make very quick labels for gifts and other items.


I also printed these on sticker paper,I buy in bulk from Amazon, it is way less expensive than the craft store and the paper is the same. I paid $10 for 10 sheets in the craft store, then discovered I could get 100 sheets of the same quality paper for about $13 total on AMAZON…here’s the one I buy, but prices fluctuate so grab a cheaper set of you see one, they’re all pretty much the same.

Click the photo below to get your free printable Christmas gift labels:

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