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Vintage Ephemera Feathers Free Printable Project

I made some paper feathers for a junk journal swap and was as soon happy with how they turned out (and how easy they were to make) that I had to share. This is one of those projects that is super easy but yields impressive results, a great combination!

Paper feathers print up quickly and easily, and just a few fast snips with scissors gives them a ton of texture. Here’s how to make these pretty vintage feathers for your junk journal. Don’t miss the free download at the end!

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How to Make Vintage Style Paper Feathers

You’ll need:



grunge stamp pad

sponge or applicator for ink

How to Make Paper Feathers

Print the pages onto heqvy cardstock. the one I use is shown below. It is 110 lb and prints beautifully. Keep an eye on the price, I only buy when it is around $10, it seems to fluctuate quite a bit. Don’t use shiny paper for this, as it won’t show the texture as well.

Print the feather backing on a page, then turn that page over and print the feather file. You should end up with a 2 sided print.

Cut out the Pieces

Cut the pieces out around the edges. Put the two largest feathers aside to distress.

Use scissors to snip into the remaining feathers. It’s not visible well here, but there is a faint line on each feather. Use this as a cutting guide, if you cross the line, you could end up cutting the feather in half.

Distress the edges with ink, I used distress ink in walnut and a soft cloth.

Focus on the edges, the fringed parts will pick up the ink more than the plwin surfaces

Notes for Making Paper Feathers

  • The file has a white background so it will work with a cricut or other cutter.

  • You don’t have to perfectly space the fringes, they look best done quickly and organically.

  • use cardstock as indicated. Regular copy paper is too thin and will tear if you try to cut it into too many fringed pieces.

Get the Free Files

Download the feathers and backing paper below, and you’ll be on your way to making a stunning but easy embellishment for any junk journal page.

Download PDF • 14.14MB

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