Vintage Halloween Freebie: Rare Halloween Postcards

I’m working my way through a huge bin of vintage postcards, and wanted to share a few with you! These vintage Halloween postcards are from my own collection and not found elsewhere online. This particular set is 100+ years old!

Ive shared some other free Halloween postcards and ephemera here if you’re in need of more fresh images!

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Rare Halloween Postcards

These postcards are unusual and old! I ended up really boosting the color on these, the pumpkin couple particularly had faded so much it was tough to see the design. These are postmarked either 1916 or 1918, I can’t tell.

Using the Free Vintage Halloween Images

You may print and use these in any item for sale or personal use, just don’t sell or share the digital file.

Heres a closer look at one of these vintage Halloween postcards:

How to use these Free Vintage Halloween Postcards

Print the postcards onto heavy card stock, the one I use is shown below. It is 110 lb and prints beautifully. Keep an eye on the price, I only buy when it is around $10, it seems to fluctuate quite a bit.