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Vintage Halloween Paper Pumpkins

I had a blast making these fun vintage inspired pumpkins! The best thing about them is how quickly they work up, but still yield impressive results. All you need is a printer, scissors and glue. Put the kids to work on this one if you’d like a family project, the cutting and gluing can cube done by big kids independently and small kids with some assistance.

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How to Make 3d Paper Pumpkins

The files have 3 preprinted pumpkins to make, if you have a Cricut, you can use it to cut the shapes very quickly. I left a well defined white background for this purpose.

Paper Pumpkin Supplies


glue (pvc or similar)

clamps or clothespins

Crepe or tissue paper or twigs for stem

3D Paper Pumpkin Directions

Print the pages. Each small pumpkin is on a single page. The large pumpkin is several pages. Use heavy cardstock, the one I use is shown below. It is 110 lb and prints beautifully. Keep an eye on the price, I only buy when it is around $10, it seems to fluctuate quite a bit.

Print on one side only, using your printer’s “best” settings.

Cut out the Pieces

The photos below show the large pumpkin, but the small ones are made the same way. Cut out one pumpkin center and 12 pumpkin shapes:

Fold all patterned pieces in half, with the pattern facing in. Divide into two piles.

For each pile, Glue each folded pumpkin piece to the next, with the back or white sides together. Clip to secure and let dry completely. You’ll end up with 2 sets of pumpkin slices.

Grunge the edges a bit if you like. This is best done after you’ve glued each set because you can ink over any missed spots or white areas.

Glue the first set of pumpkin slices to the pumpkin center. Flip the piece over to add the stem. I used crepe paper, but tissue paper or even twigs from the yard will work. Twist the tissue into an organic, stemlike shape and glue or tape into the pumpkin center.

Making the Stems

The crepe paper I used is from this set, it is lightweight and easily twists into interesting shapes. A small twig will work as well.

I just tore a strip and twisted it into an interesting shape.

Final assembly for 3d Pumpkins

Glue the second set of pumpkin slices on the back and let it dry completely. Fan the slices out when they are dry to make the pumpkin stand up.

Notes for Free 3D Pumpkin Project

  • You can use any paper you like, just use one of the pumpkin pieces as a pattern.

  • make sure the glue dries completely between each assembly step, otherwise your pieces could separate.

  • crepe paper, cardboard, tis paper or twigs can be used for the stem.

  • The papers used here are from our Dark Shabby collection.

Get the Free Files

This is a big file, so I added it to the shop for fast and easy downloading. Find it here, and just add to your cart and check out for 0.00.

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