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Vintage Unicorn Ephemera Box

Make a vintage unicorn ephemera matchbox in under an hour with this beginner friendly project. The image is of a mostly real vintage label dated 1853. I love old “medicine” labels for the graphics and typography. Unfortunately this one is in poor shape, but I was able to restore most of it.

Here is the original, from 1853. This one is pretty tame, I have a few that promise wonders in a bottle...and at least one with a primary ingredient that is literally poison (arsenic!). For your health.

For the longest time, I thought those were lions, not unicorns. The picture as not clear enough or there enough to save, so I replaced it with another from the same era.

I also added color and modified the shape to fit a matchbox I designed for an earlier project.

Once that was done, the rest is just straightforward print and assembly. You can grab the file here to make your own little unicorn matchbox. Just click the image below for the full high resolution file or head over to my free printable library and get your copy.

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