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Weekly Freebies from CreativeMarket - -Junk Journal Files

I use CreativeMarket for plenty of amazing graphics every month, but the site also shares some wonderful freebies each week. This week, CreativeMarket has some pieces that are particularly appealing to those making papercrafts and junk journals -- here's a peek at what you can score free this week at CreativeMarket:

This page contains affiliate links which means I will receive a commission for purchases made through these links. I only recommend services I use and love in my own business or for personal projects.

While Procreate brushes make me happiest (and there are none here this week), I also am addicted to pretty fonts. While the Verona Serif font is lovely, the LOVECHILD! one is the one I like this week. Here's a closer look:

I really like this one because of the hand drawn look and those cute little hearts above lower case letters. Double check the rights granted for each item you download -- some have commercial, some have personal only -- and then just click the pieces you want. If you've never downloaded from CreativeMarket before, then their free weekly products are a good place to start to explore what the site has to offer, without incurring any cost.

Free Grunge Overlay from CreativeMarket

My favorite piece from this week is not one of the fonts -- it is the Dirt overlay - this one adds instant grunge and age to just about anything. There are almost a dozen "dirt" overlays and you can add age to just about any printable before you send it to the printer, eliminating a few steps with a stamp pad or micas.

Here's a closer look at Dirt:

Just click the image above for your free dirt...but do it before the file disappears, usually by the end of the week! Click here for free grunge overlay from CreativeMarket.

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