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Wonderfully Weird Vintage Frog Ad 1889

Weird vintage ephemera? You‘ve come to the right place! By itself, this frog trade card is not all that odd, until you realize he’s selling perfume!

Add the big bottle, trippy Alice in Wonderland style toadstool and you have a recipe for weird vintage ephemera!

Why a frog? No idea!

Here‘s a closer look at this unusual vintage postcard:

I cleaned this up and modified the color to print well on a home printer. The original is very yellowed, so will not print well. If you want an aged version, try this tutorial for aging ephemera printables. It’s fast, easy and authentic looking.

I’m including the frog postcard in several sizes for added versatility.

Don't right click to save, it will only give you a small resolution file. Instead, click the photo or the button below -- for a high resolution version ready for your project! There is a full page, a half and quarter page included..

Frog perfume
Download PDF • 12.92MB

I’ve linked a few other odd bits of ephemera below, enjoy!


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