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Wonderland Treasure Box

I had so much fun with this free Wonderland printable, the combination of bright colors and Alice in Wonderland just says “spring” to me! this is a small piece that works up in a single session, the final box is about the height of a deck of playing cards and is decorated on all sides.

Get the free printable: you’ll need the Alice file to make this project. If you’re already a member, head to the free subscriber library and download your files. If not, sign up at the bottom of this or any page for immediate access.

Make the Free Alice in Wonderland Printable

  1. Print the harlequin backing paper, then reinsert into the printer. Print the Alice project sheet on the back of the harlequin paper. Note, if you want a more substantial box or don’t like to print 2 sided, you can print both pages and then glue the papers back to back, as shown below.

Just glue together then treat as a single piece.

2. Cut out all pieces.

3. Fold the cover on the distress lines, then glue in place. You should en up with a sleeve as shown below. Use a black marker to cover the white cut edge, I’ve left it so you can see how the box fits together.

4. Fold the edges of the interior up and glue in place. The room image will be on the inside and the flaps will be on the outside.

Cut out the remaining pieces and glue the clock and some cards to the box exterior. Use the stands to prop up Alice and the Queen of Hearts. Store small parts in the box, and keep an eye out for the matching junk journal, coming soon!

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