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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is the story of Dorothy, the one we're familiar with from the film (with a lot of side trips along the way). 
There are dozens of Oz books, and they are slowly coming into the public domain.


This set includes every image fro the Wonderful Wizard of Oz book in high resolution jog form. While you can find the book anywhere, you have to extract the images to use them...which takes time, creativity and tech savvy.


instead of spending hours extracting, cleaning and finally using the Wizard of Oz graphics from this book, you can simply download the images here in jpeg form. 

All 145 images are included, from the title page to the last page. All are copyright free and can be used commercially, though the file itself should not be shared or offered for sale. It took our team about 12 hours to clean and digitize, so use it in any designs you like, just don't share the altered image files.

145 Wizard of Oz Graphics (1900)

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