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Use this farmhouse style map to track your USA Etsy sales and watch your progress. This is a powerful motivator for you, since you can see visible progress, even when you are just starting out.

It also works as a marketing and selling tool, use on social media to offer a discount to customers from the states you still need. Some buyers will even enjoy being your “official” customer from their home state.

Use in several ways, depending on your preferences and how you want to share your map:

Print on textured watercolor paper and paint in a state every time you make a sale. The result will be a piece of unique art for your studio that reflects your progress. Snap a quick photo for Facebook or instagram when you want to share.

Print on heavy card stock and shade in each state with colored pencil; you’ll end up with a stunning patchwork of states to show off,.

Add the map to your preferred editing software, and use digital tools to color in each state as you progress, so you always have an up to date copy. Both a jpg and a png are included so you can chose the one that works best 

Etsy map includes both png and jpeg versions and is sized for 8.5 x 11 paper, the most common size used for home printers.

You’ll be amazed at how each new sale makes a difference on your map and have a tangible way to track progress when you use this Etsy sales tracking map.

Part of a series of tools for creative entrepreneurs! Other components include social media planning grids, side hustle business planners, world sales map and more.

Etsy seller map sales tracker

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