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Our popular washing machine laundry planner stickers, now in mini form!  
Do you really need laundry planner stickers?

You do if: 

You took a shower and had no clean towels in the past month
You have to scramble to find socks, clothing or uniform parts before school
Household members try to help but don't know what laundry is needed
You want to delegate but are having a hard time. 

We have 4 kids, pets and a very busy household, so laundry can pile up fast. Asking the family to help was having not very helpful results -- someone would throw in a load of off season clothes, curtains or other non-essential items, which would just make a larger pile of laundry and result in more work!

I created these laundry planner stickers to get the laundry into the planner an on a reasonable schedule and to make sure anyone in the home who was old enough to help could do so, without me having to micromanage the laudry. 

Once you add laundry to your planner and schedule, youll  have a cleaner, more efficient home and be able to find what you need, when you need it.

You get a sheet of cute washing machine stickers to use in your favotprite chore chart or planner, made from glossy vinyl and kiss cut for easy removal. Each sticker is under 1/2”wide.

Laundry Planner stickers for Daily Planners and Journals. Washing machine plann

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