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The red fairy junk journal is part of a collection of vintage fairy folio kits, and includes 2 cover options, one red and one shabby chic floral. You only need to use one cover per kit, both are included because I could not decide which I liked better!


 This kit includes all the pieces to make a fairy folio with a mini folio and notepad. It also has a ton of matching embellishments so you can make it your own. I included basic directions, but this can easily be personalized -- the individual pieces are sized to fit the folio in several ways and to give you lots of options. The notepad section may not be as familiar to you so that part has full directions and photos. 


note the folio in the photos has been distressed with black ink, the printable has not. This will allow you to keep a bright white background or distress as you would like.


this piece is included with the premium subscription.

red fairy folio kit

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