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Inspired by the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, this spooky junk journal kits includes over 25 pages of layouts, vintage photos, artwork, embellishments and more. 


It's huge. 

Seriously -- its almost 200 mb of spooky high resolution goodness, and that's after its been compressed! So make some room on the hard drive for this one. The download is a zipped file containing 3 different PDFs, so you can find the pieces you want more readily. 


What can you do with all this spooky goodness? 


Use to create your own Sleepy Hollow junk journal  or as a part of another literary junk journal or Halloween junk journal. Inside you'll find the Headless Horseman, old cemetary, Ichabod Crane and many other spooky Sleepy Hollow characters and icons. 


This 25+ page kit is ready to print and use as a pdf, but full page jpg files are available upon request for premium members as well. 


This kit of spooky papers inspired by the classic Legend of Sleepy Hollow also works with our other spooky themed kits -- and is included free in the premium plan. Find out how to get access to every kit on the site free as a member here. 

Sleepy Hollow Junk Journal Kit 11 x 8.5"

$8.99 Regular Price
$6.29Sale Price
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