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Vintage Paper Goods

Ephemera Subscription

HoHow it works

This is a totally unique subscription program since the items included are vintage and originals! Each month, you’ll receive a carefully curated box of ephemera of 100+ items to use in your junk journal projects.

Your first order:

If space is available, you will see the option to join the subscription program. At this time, space is limited; spots open if people change their subscription plan or as part of a planned expansion. Right now we add about 5 slots a month.


You can either order one of our ephemera packs from the shop as a one-time delivery, or order it and secure your spot in the subscription program. If no spots are available, you will only be able to purchase the one time box.

Your one time box will ship immediately, and your renewal date will be the same day of the following month. In a day or so after your order, you’ll receive a quick note asking about your preferences – what you absolutely love, what you have so much of you don’t want any more of, etc. “No kids books” or “no pink” are common requests that can be honored.

After that you’ll have your own file. As ephemera arrives from estate sales and brokers around the country, it will be sorted into subscriber files based on your preferences. When your date arrives, we’ll add some extra goodies and ship your package to you.



Planning your Ephemera Package

Each subscriber has their own file -- and we fill it each month according to your preferences. When your shipping date arrives, we'll fill your package with items chosen specifically for you, and send it on its way. 

New ephemera arrives daily and this way subscribers get the first pick of the new arrivals!

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I can’t find the signup, where is it?

The signup only displays if there is space for a new member; this is a personalized program and each pack is unique so space is limited.

Where do the pieces come from?

Ephemera arrives daily from brokers, auctioneers and resellers around the country. We buy in bulk; a typical order may contain hundreds of cabinet cards, or vintage greeting cards or even matchbooks. Last month’s boxes even contained silver plated spoons, along with a fun project idea for using them!


Are these originals?

All items are original vintage. Most are in “cutter” shape – no one wants to cut into an important document! New items are available elsewhere on the site but this is a vintage subscription. Expect book pages, sheet music, greeting cards, bills, invoices and paperwork from 1950 and before, train schedules, magazine ads (pre-1960), Victorian trading cards and more. Most items are from before 1970. Occasionally 1980s items are available, they usually go right to members who have requested specific items from that era.

What items are not included?

Any items from the past that have hateful or racist origins, pornography, violent imagery, and other items are disposed of upon arrival (it is rare to receive them as our sources know we won’t use them). Post 1990 items are not included unless specifically requested. Usually these are from pop culture, movies, television and other popular types of memorabilia.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is via flat rate priority mail. We get a slight volume discount and pass that on to you. Paper is heavy so monthly files are generally too large to send first class.

Why USA only?

Right now we’re  growing rapidly – and hope to be able to serve international customers by late 2021.


What if I hate it?

Send it back for a full refund - -these papers and elements have survived a century and they’ll survive one more trip through the mail! We haven’t had any come back yet but will happily refund.

How do I cancel?

Just send us an email to cancel, we will do so at once.

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