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Free Vintage Ephemera Cabinet Card Frames 1900

These century old cabinet cards are from an old photo that had been damaged beyond repair. I just scanned them in and tidied it up a little bit. The original was in pretty rough shape but I like the frame and the content is interesting so I figured I would share. I also created a pink version, both are included below as a free download,

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Don’t try to download the picture, I’ve got a high resolution pdf for you instead, with several different sizes.

Vintage Cabinet Cards

Cabinet cards are old photographs, mostly posed portraits printed on heavyweight paper, They often have decorative frames like the ones here and are highly collectible ephemera. You can find some digital cabinet cards in the Instant Ancestors section of the site:

You can also find a few freebies on the blog!

This snake charmer is one of my favorites and is a free download, find it here.

How to Use the Printable Cabinet Card Frames

I left the center portion blank so you can cut it out -- then just frame your photo inside. I like to distress these a bit -- see this piece on making new printables look like vintage ephemera for more info on doing that.

How to Print the Vintage Cabinet Card Printables

Download the file below, it is a PDF that contains both pages, with the finished frames in a variety of sizes.

Floral cabinet card
Download PDF • 8.23MB

More Free Vintage Printable Ephemera

You can find some other vintage bills and ephemera on the blog; I recolored these bookstore invoices to use for a project, and you can grab them in a rainbow of colors here:

You'll find some century old bills here, including one for a casket company! just click the photo below to go to the original post.

This letter is from 1915 and features both interesting letterhead and typed passages. Click here to go to that post.

I’ve linked a few other posts with vintage freebies and projects below. Enjoy!

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